Are you being bullied by your fears…?

It’s a very noble thing (and the right thing) to tell people to face their fears and fight back. But the truth is – as hard as we fight our fears, our fears FIGHT US BACK that much harder! Our fears are STRONG. From birth, they have collected data on us, keeping track of our mistakes and failures and formed alliances with doubt against us.

They use those past mistakes and failures as ammunition to shoot down our dreams and paralyze us to keep us from walking into our future. Fear shoots at us reminding you everyday that:

you’re too old,
you never finished school,
you tried that once before and failed,
you don’t come from that type of family,
you don’t look good enough…..

And if we let fear control our daily thought life, it will surely keep us from reaching the place that God has for us.

In a way fear reminds me of that school yard bully that looked for the frail, small kid on the playground so he could take their lunch money everyday. But every now and then that bully would pick on the WRONG kid. He would mess with someone that had a bigger, tougher older brother! And when that older brother got in the wind of what that bully was doing, he would stand up for his younger, weaker sibling and let the bully know who really ran things!

Someone BIGGER and GREATER than fear has our back too! Our God is greater than whatever has us stuck. He is greater than our past mistakes. He is greater than overwhelm. He is greater than lack. He is greater than tragedy and heartbreak. He is greater than our flaws. As a matter of fact He created our flaws. And He chooses to use you in spite of them for His glory. Fear has no choice but to move around when He steps in. Because when fear messes with YOU, it has officially interfered with the plans of God for your life and thats NO BEUNO!

Fear is not welcome here in 2015. God has been urging me to encourage you to press in and trust Him more. Don’t get to the end of THIS YEAR wondering what could have been had you not been afraid to just go for it. Don’t let ANOTHER YEAR GO BY making the same old excuses. Lets do this!

x – Rachel

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