[Coaching Exercise] What Will Your Life Be Like When You Reach the End…?

Do you ever wonder what your life will be like when it’s all said and done? Whose life will you have touched? Will you have made a difference? Did you know that you have the ability to chart the course of your life? This exercise helps you see the vision you already have within you for your life! Let’s take a look!

Grab your journal and allow yourself at least 30 minutes to an hour of quiet time to ponder the following questions. This is about YOU, so let your imagination go, write a story and paint a picture of your life with words. When you are having trouble with knowing where to start, the key is to begin at the end.

Contemplate with me if you will for just a moment and imagine that you are blissfully happy, healthy and 100 years old. You’re sitting in your rocking chair and looking back over your IDEAL life.

  • Who are you as a person?
  • What is it about you that people value the most?
  • What have you achieved that you are the most proud of?
  • What added the most meaning to your life and gave you a sense of fulfillment?
  • What daily habits brought about positive growth in your character?

How did your life unfold in the following areas?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Significant Other
  • Career
  • Health (emotional, spiritual and physical)

What did you do for fun? What did you enjoy learning about the most? In what ways did you serve and lead your community?

As you are sitting there at the end of your life, visualize what you see around you physically? What does your home look like? What are you feeling? What can you hear? What evidence is around you to show that you’re truly happy? Remember this: Happiness in and of itself is not a goal or a destination. It’s simply the byproduct that we gain when we pursue goals that add meaning and value to our lives and to the lives of others.

This exercise is designed to help you gain clarity on what you value the most. The more you gain focus on how you want the story of your life to read, the more power you gain to overcome hindrances to progress like procrastination and resistance. Therefore you will be able to take intentional steps each day to become that person that you just visualized!
The complete picture may not automatically unfold the first time you sit down to reflect. Just put the pen to the paper, open up your heart and WRITE! DIG DEEP! This is your life. You have the power to write you own story.

QUESTION: What other methods have you found to be effective in gaining clarity? Share your suggestions below!

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