We have all been called for a specific purpose.  And although many of us are sure of that, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly HOW we are to carry out that mission.  Here are a few of my most popular articles and exercises from the blog on living out your purpose and life’s mission!


Do you have a dream?

The Bible teaches us that nothing is impossible with God!  Therefore, your dream has power! You can be the best at whatever it is you do. One person making the choice to live out their dream will make a difference! It can offer hope in the face of doubt. Your dream can be a catalyst for change for someone who was stuck in despair. This article is sure to inspire you to go after your dream today!

What’s your thing?

Every person is unique.  This short article emphasizes that point and encourages you to embrace whatever makes you stand out.  You were uniquely and wonderfully made!

[Coaching Exercise]  What will your life be like when you reach the end?

Do you ever wonder what your life will be like when it’s all said and done? Whose life will you have touched? Will you have made a difference? Did you know that you have the ability to chart the course of your life? This exercise helps you see the vision you already have within you for your life!  Grab a journal and a pen and paint the picture of the life you envision with this reflective exercise!

What do your vision and legacy have in common? 

 How will you leave your mark on the world? How will people know you were here? How will you be remembered? I’m sure we all have asked ourselves these questions at some point or another.  I think that’s because deep down inside we all desire to make a difference.  Check out this article and discover why its so important that you get clear on your vision so that you can leave a positive impact on the world.

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