Don’t Give Up the Fight Too Soon…

There are several books on my annual ‘must re-read’ list.  I do that simply as a refresher course over the valuable concepts that these books offer.  One of my all-time fav’s is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  In this classic book, Hill recounts the story of  R.U. Darby.  In the gold rush days, Darby’s uncle caught “gold fever” and headed west to start digging.  To his fortune, after much hard work, the uncle found a vein of ore.  But he discovered that he needed machinery to bring the ore up to the surface.  So he covered up his discovery and returned home to raise the money for the machinery.

The uncle and Darby raised the money and they traveled back to the site to claim the fortune.  Things were going well.  Before long, they had enough to clear their debts.  They were excited because they knew this meant that everything from here on out would be profit!  But then the unthinkable happened.  The supply of gold stopped!  The vein of ore disappeared!

Desperate, they kept on drilling, but got nothing…

With great dismay and frustration, they quit.  They sold their machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars.  While this was the end for Darby and his uncle, the junk man had another idea.  He called in a mining engineer who checked the mine that Darby and his uncle had just abandoned.  The engineer calculated that there was a vein of gold just three feet from where Darby and his uncle had stopped digging!

Needless to say, the junk man, who decided to keep digging, went on to make millions from the mine!

Have you ever let impatience cause you give up on a goal too soon?  Maybe you started out ahead like Darby’s uncle.  You became confident at the sight of progress.  But then without warning, the progress is jolted by an unexpected failure.  Failure caused that golden opportunity to turn gray and dismal.  But former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it!”  Failure is often the price you have to pay for success!  It’s not a signal to stop.  Failure comes to drive us to keep going!  Getting a second chance after a failure will help you in the following ways:

  • You gain new insight on what not to do.  You learn from your mistakes!
  • It causes you to stretch yourself mentally in order to search for new approaches to reach your goal,
  • and failing causes you to become one more step closer to success!

The truth is, the most successful people in the world endured mountains of failure before reaching the peak of success.  Those failures actually prepared them for what came next.  Don’t give up the fight too soon!

When you feel like throwing in the towel – don’t quit!  Keep digging and remember that you may be just three feet from the “goal”!

QUESTION: What lessons have you learned from failures in your own life that could help someone else? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Laurinda Johnson

    Good Morning Rachel! I just wanted to stop by & tell you how much I’m inspired by you! Thank you so much! Keep shining your light lady! It’s very contagious! Much love always.

    • Rachel Proctor

      Hey Laurinda! Thank you so much for the kind words and for supporting my efforts to share my heart with you all. Lots of love to you!