Life can be a challenge to say the least.  It can really get hard when you are seeking to make a difference and promote positive change in the world through your life and business.

So if you came to this page looking for something to build your faith as you build your business, then you came to the right place!

Here are a few of my most popular articles from my blog that are sure to uplift your spirits!

You can always come back home

The parable of the Prodigal Son is one that is very familiar and in it Jesus deeply portrays the message of Gods unwavering love for His children. In the message entitled “You Can Always Come Back Home”, I want you to know that God loves us, and even when we mess up, He is there waiting for us to come back home. This audio will encourage you and give you the assurance that God’s love for us is stronger than the sins in our life that separate us from Him, and there is no pit deep enough that God cannot pull you out of.

A prayer of encouragement to let you know that God is there…

In a day where overall morale is low and skepticism is high, it may be hard for some to see the good that can come out of going through. And often when we feel that we need God the most, it seems like He’s nowhere to be found.  This article consists of a simple prayer that will help you get through the rough patches when you just can’t seem to find God in your situation!

How to trust God when trusting God is hard to do…

This thing called life only works when God is FULLY in control! Not part-time, not half way, not Monday through Friday but FULLY and TOTALLY in control of everything in our lives at all times. This article talks about the four truths that God wants us to know when our lives are in utter chaos and everything seems to be falling a part!

What do you do when God won’t do anything…?

Have you ever been at a place of waiting. And waiting… And waiting… A place of waiting for God to move miraculously when you are seemingly at the end of your rope. And what do you do in those times that you have prayed so hard that your knees are numb? This article teaches you how to go through and come out victorious when you have no other choice but to trust God that He has everything under control!

Why can’t I get out of this rut…?

This article talks about simple steps you can take when you find yourself in a valley and you feel out of touch and out of focus.   The points in the this article will help you make the decision to live by FAITH and not by what you see. After reading it you will have the keys to find the strength and peace you’ll need to live through your valley moments!

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