Just One More Step…

After a late meeting last night, I had to make a quick run to the grocery store. I needed to grab a couple of essentials before the next day. I was tired so good thing for me; there is a grocery store on my direct route home. So for the sake of convenience I decided to stop there. I hopped out of my car and took quick paces toward the store entrance. As I got closer to the doors, I expected them to slide open and welcome me in as they always do. Well this time that didn’t happen. I got closer and closer but the doors didn’t open.
Was the store closed?
Maybe they locked this particular door after a certain hour and I wasn’t aware?
Should I turn around and go down the breezeway to see if the other set of doors are open?
My eyes glanced at the store hours listed on the plate glass window. The store didn’t close for another 4 hours. And there were indeed people walking around in the bustling store despite the late hour. So why wouldn’t the doors open as they always had?
Just as I was about to walk away, almost as if guided by some external force, I took one more step forward and – VOILA! The doors slid open!
The store wasn’t closed. The doors weren’t locked. I just needed to take another step forward. You see what happened was the sensors that triggered the doors to open couldn’t detect me in the current place I was in. I had to move closer into the proper area so the sensors could pick up my movement. Then and only then would the doors open.
Have you ever gotten discouraged in the pursuit of your dreams? You know God told you to do something but absolutely no doors seem to be opening for you? If that describes you, before you decide to turn around – I want to encourage you to take one more step!
Listen, I have experienced some of my greatest moments of discouragement just before God gave me a major breakthrough. I can remember countless times when I just wanted to be done. And if that meant taking the easy way out just to get some relief from the struggle then that’s what I would do. I had become fed up with trying and failing. I couldn’t fathom the thought of giving it another shot just to wind up disappointed in the end.
But even when we abandon the mission and give up on ourselves – God doesn’t give up on us! He has a plan and a purpose for the struggle. And just like that instinctive move at the grocery store, God can give you just enough strength to take that critical step. That one step can be the tipping point between defeat and total victory!
Now is not the time to turn around. Don’t step backwards to look for an easier way out. Keep going forward. Even if you have to take a step afraid, know that God is with you. As long as your actions are in line with God and His will, He’ll make the way and open the door. But you have got to move closer in faith.
It’s the enemy’s job to tempt you and cause you to forfeit your divine blessing by making God’s way seem impossible. He likes to present you with bogus options disguised as “opportunities” to distract you from the path that leads to your God appointed destiny. He wants to stop you before you get to your tipping point.
Your breakthrough lies in your faith to take the next step! I’m encouraged. I hope you are too.
“With God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26

QUESTION:  Can you tell me about a time when you were afraid to take the next step? How did you gain the confidence to move forward?  Share your experience in the comments below!

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