Are you holding out for something that’s not worth it?

A couple of months ago I ordered a coat from an online retailer. I had ordered some things from them in the past and because the items are shipped from overseas, it usually takes around 2-3 weeks to get them. So I was used to having to wait a while when I ordered from this particular retailer. Well, several weeks had passed by and I still had not received the item I ordered. Even though I was a little concerned, I decided to practice patience and just continue to wait. I assumed that maybe this time would be a little longer than usual. It happens from time to time, right?

But then a month and a half went by and still no coat! I knew I had paid for the order and received confirmation that my order had been processed so I assumed it must just have been a delay since it was close to the holidays. A few days later, I decided I couldn’t take the waiting anymore so I called to inquire about my order only to find out that a glitch in thier system had canceled it out the day after I placed it!

Boy was I frustrated!

We got the matter resolved and the order is now on its way but I learned something valuable from this. Although I was used to the orders taking some time to get to me, this time was different. This time I was waiting on something that WASN’T COMING!

And although I was frustrated by the fact that they had lost my order, it was a bit freeing to finally just realize that the coat wasn’t coming. It gave me the chance to make a decision on if I wanted to rectify it and try again or get a refund and chalk it up to experience.

This year make the decision to not expect from someone what they will not or cannot give you. When you make this decision you free yourself up to move on with the business of life. And instead of waiting on them to make a change in their behavior, ask yourself what changes do I need to make. It’s empowering to realize God has a plan for you, even if it involves letting go of some things you have been continuously holding out for.

Maybe you’re holding out with hopes that a significant other will finally realize how amazing you are and decide to settle down? Or maybe you’re holding out wishing that a destructive relationship will get better?

Realize that some people are fine right where they are even if where they are is not where you would want them to be. You have to stop expecting people to do better if they don’t want to. Accept them for where they are and for who they are but this year refuse to stay stuck there with them. If you have been holding your breath for someone to do the right thing, treat you right, or be there for you like you were there for them and they have not already, waiting longer is probably not going to make much difference.

Realize what isn’t working and make steps to change the things in you that you can control and give the rest to God!

Wishing you lots of love in the New Year! Greater is available but we can’t stay attached and stuck to things and people that lead to a dead end.


x – Rachel

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