Hi! I'm Rachel!

Welcome to my virtual home! I’m a Texas-bred entrepreneur who has a goal to revolutionize the way women lead in business, ministry and public service. I love, love, love to see women go after BIG goals and get things done! Now just to be clear so there is no confusion, my job is not to make sure you get everything done. But it is my passion to make sure you get the RIGHT things done. That’s where you will see success!

I currently serve as the Mayor Pro Tem for the city of DeSoto, Texas. I also am co-owner of a family owned Early Childhood Learning Center and owner of a Real Estate Property Management Firm which serves residential and commercial clients throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

I grew up watching my dad, the late Cecil Ray Proctor, build businesses and I began working alongside him at the ripe old age of 14! It was that opportunity that planted the seed that grew into my deep desire to help other women realize the dream of charting their own course in life through entrepreneurship.

My hunger and knack for building brands has led me to create multiple online business coaching programs as well as host exciting live events to help women entrepreneurs get their start in business and leadership. Most recently I realized there was a need to help aspiring entrepreneurs with little to no experience in business ownership, get the tools they need to launch side businesses while still working their full time jobs. This led me to create my digital business training program - 30 Day Business School™. Over 1,000 students worldwide and in 10 different countries have taken this course to date!

I live by the mantra that when you are given much, you should give much. And that’s what I want to share with you in my "Finish Strong" Mentorship and Accountability Group! If you've come to the realization that you've spent far too much time this year starting and stopping; never making real progress on your goals - then this FREE mentorship group is for you! This group will provide you with the practical tools and support you need to get back on track and end this year with a bang!

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Rachel and the 2015 Emerge Live Master Class

I’m a two-time published author. My first release, "My Best Year Ever: 12 Lessons to Help You Make This a Year to Remember” has received rave reviews from women all over the globe! Get an autographed copy HERE.

I also crafted the “My To Achieve List: Plan Your Day and Conquer Your Year” Action Guide and Journal. This a practical road-map of proven strategies to help the busy, modern women be more productive and intentional with each day to produce the desired outcomes for their year. Get a journal HERE.

Things I Do:

  • Coach

    I’m a productivity coach for multi-passionate entrepreneurs who struggle with taking their business ideas from the starting block to across the finish line.  More info…

  • Speaker

    I love motivating and inspiring audiences large or small through the power of motivational speaking!  To check out my offerings and availability, visit my speaking page here

  • Writer

    Writing is a gift.  I take great pride in writing blog posts and books to challenge you to take purpose-driven risks and use your FAITH to inspire the world with your gift.  Check out my latest book here.


I take great pride in crafting inspiring blog posts + videos and training products to challenge you to take purpose-driven risks and shake up your approach to getting things done. I’m absolutely dedicated to showing you how to use your FAITH to turn your ideas + passions into meaningful actions to create a business + and a life that will change the world! Because when you are operating at the top of your game, the world can benefit from your unique gift! When I take a break from the business, you can almost always find me indulging in (and highlighting) the latest book by John Maxwell book, working with the teens in my non-profit, eMErge Leadership, watching Food Network or shopping for fabulous shoes!

No one will ever read your story if you don’t write it. No one will ever hear your point of view if you never speak it. No one will see the beauty of the art you imagine if you never paint it. No one is remembered for what they DIDN’T do. Don’t let fear rob you of the gift of leaving a legacy. Whatever you have been commissioned to do – DO IT!

Did you know that someone is waiting on the gift that only you can give? Lets get ready to turn your passions into to a business + a life you love! Join the FREE Finish Strong Mentorship and Accountability Group today!

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