Setting goals can be tough.  And setting goals that are actually attainable can be even tougher.  That’s why I am sharing a few of my most popular, faith-packed articles to help you set goals you can reach!

5 Steps to re-ignite your flame after a bout with burn out…

As leaders there comes a time in our lives that we may face intense struggle between all of the constant demands that come with leadership. We give of ourselves often to the point where we become physically and mentally depleted. Before we know it, the burning flame of enthusiasm that we had for leading others has been extinguished by exhaustion and fatigue. How can you get back to a state of excitement vigor for those that you lead? Take a look at this article for tips that can help you get back in the swing of things.

One Elephant Coming Up…

Have you ever been confronted with a project or task that at first glance seemed doable but after you started working on it, it became daunting or overwhelming? I know I have too!   Check out this article with some awesome goal setting tips to help you avoid crashing and burning, gauge your progress and help you delegate your project and gain the help of others who can assist you with getting your project across the finish line!

Successful Thinking 101…

Anyone who knows me knows I love, love, love Pastor and author, John Maxwell.  This article is more of a book review that I did for one of my all time favs by Maxwell entitled “How Successful People Think”.  The concepts of this book served as a catalyst to change my way of thinking! And for that reason, it has become habitual for me to read this book in its entirety at least once every 6 months as a refresher course and a motivational tool for my endeavors.  Check out my review and then check out the book itself and leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts.

Dare to dream again…!

Often life will take you through many loops and turns. So much so that the dreams we were once passionate about, simply become ideas that we’ll get around to one day. We get married, graduate from school, switch careers several times, move across the country, have a life changing accident, lose our parents or a child, get a divorce, or one of our children becomes incarcerated. And in the midst of this chaos, the dreams that God has placed in our heart get forgotten and put on the back burner of our lives.   Take a look at this article that challenges you to do MORE of what makes you happy and give yourself the freedom to dream again!

Decisions, decisions, decisions…!

Have you ever dreaded making a decision? I’m not talking about choosing what you will eat for dinner or deciding if you want the blue sweater or the red one. I’m talking about heart-pounding, sweaty palms, asthma-invoking dread that surfaces when you have to make choices that are potentially life-altering. It’s that fear of decision-making that fosters our indecisiveness! We tell ourselves that if we just do nothing about it then we’re off the hook. Perhaps everything will just work itself out right? But deciding not to decide is essentially deciding!  Check out this article and the next time you are faced with a tough choice, just take what I call the “T Test”.  It has helped guide me through periods of indecisiveness. Use this guide next time you are on the fence about something.

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