10 Tips to Help You Reach Your Dreams…

As a coach, one of the top questions people ask me is what steps I took to start living my dreams. They seem to be on a never-ending merry go round on the playground of “LIFE” and they’re desperate to get off.

I can say that many of the lessons I’m about to share with you weren’t the easiest for me to grasp at first but if I was ever going to stop going in circles, I had to try my hand at thinking, acting and doing things differently.
If you have lots of ideas but can never seem to implement them, then the next 10 sentences are for you!

10 Ways to Reach Your Dreams:

1. Pick one thing at a time to focus on. Pour yourself into it. Feed it. Mastery only comes with dedication and consistency.
2. Read and read often. It keeps your brain fresh and inspired with new ideas. Keep up with the trends and changes in your industry and stay ahead of them.
3. Take the leap! There comes a time when you have to be all in – PERIOD! You can’t steal second base with your foot still on first!
4. Develop a servant’s heart. People really don’t care about how great YOU are. They just want to know if YOU care about them.
5. Let go of dead weight and old issues. You’ve got a new future ahead of you and it looks nothing like your past.
6. Take time to rest. Even God knew this was necessary. Follow His lead.
7. Set aside time to create. You have lots of things vying for your attention. Fight distractions with everything in you.
8. Become intentional about relationships. Who you’re attached to matters. Just ask Samson about that Delilah thing.
9. Get a mentor. Find someone who is doing what you want to do WELL and glean all you can.
10. Let go of expectations. Don’t attach your self worth to an outcome. Even if you fail in the process, get back up and get back at it!

x – Rachel

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