On the Rebound…

When I was a teenager, I loved to play the game of basketball.  I played all throughout junior high and high school.  One of the most important skills I had to learn in that game was how to rebound the ball.  I was tempted many times to not focus on building this skill in practice because the need to rebound, in my opinion, was “conditional”.  The need to rebound the ball only arises when an attempted shot has been missed.  So in other words, there is no need to rebound the ball until something has been missed.

And even though I didn’t look at it as a priority, my coach did.  The last part of each practice was spent doing drills on rebounding the ball.  Our coach had us to focus on this skill because the fact was that there will always be times in the game that shots will be missed.

One reason a shot can be missed is that a player’s shot was too long or too short.  Although the player was looking at the goal, their aim was off for whatever reason.  Or maybe the shot was missed because the opposing team was in the shooters face.  Sometimes this results in the player being fouled and ultimately missing the shot.

In order for us to become better players, my coach reinforced to us that we couldn’t spend our time focusing on the shot that was missed.  As long as there was still time on the clock, we could still go for the rebound.  We couldn’t just walk off the court or quit the game because we missed a shot.  A good player will always go after the ball and retrieve it and shoot again.

All throughout our lives there will be some missed shots.  Maybe you tried something new and you didn’t get the results you hoped for.  That’s not an excuse to quit.  Let that missed shot serve as motivation for you to try it again another way.  Refocus and give it another shot.  But whatever you do, don’t give up.  A “NO” simply means there is another way to get a “YES”!

All throughout the Bible there were people who missed shots.  And even though they had to live with the consequences of those missed shots, God’s grace always gave them a way to rebound.  And you have that same grace today!

QUESTION:  Think about a difficult trial or season in your life, a period when you weren’t sure how you would keep going.  What got you through that season?  What helped you to “rebound”?  Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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  • Ona Marie

    My most difficult season still lingers but ultimately one of my biggest roadblocks almost consumed me recently. But, because God is so awesome he purposely blessed me with a devoted father.

    Every single morning and still to this day, my father sends me and all of my siblings “Daily Word Messages” that ends with a scripture to read. Each morning he reminds me to spend time in the word. And because of this practice I was able to REBOUND and make it one day closer to having the victory over multiple issues. THANK YOU RACHEL FOR INVITING ME TO YOUR WEBSITE. IT HELPS ME INITIATE A STRONGER WILL POWER TO STAY FOCUSED ON THE REAL REALITY OF LIFE. Xoxo, OnaMarie