I understand the challenge of finding the right speaker.

That’s why I’m so honored that you would consider me for your event!

I love motivating and inspiring audiences large or small. Here are my offerings. Please note that I can customize and tailor any of these messages to fit the needs of your audience!

- Keynote speaking
- Inspirational sermons and messages for your church congregation or faith-based conference.
- Training sessions for your staff or group
- Host for your LIVE event
- Discussion panel moderator
- Workshop group facilitator

Contact our Executive Assistant, Thena Shelby at Booking@RachelLProctor.com to get the conversation started on how I can be a part of your next event!

Here’s what you can expect from me and my team:

  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages. A personal phone consultation with a member of my team prior to your event, so we can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.

  • If your event is open to the public, I will make an announcement about your event on my blog and all of my social media channels.

  • A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation that is focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.

  • A quick follow-up communication after the event with someone on my team, to make sure I met your expectations. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)

Rachel teaching at her 2015 Emerge Live Master Class event in Dallas, TX

See What Other People Are Saying:

Lady Jami McCain

Rachel was amazing! Her word was insightful and passionate and it was exactly what our ladies needed to hear. Rachel inspired us all to keep our cutting edge, especially as we journey through the callings God has for each one of us. It was apparent that she was prayed up and prepared for our event. She came with a desire to impart truth and God’s Word. Rachel connected beautifully with our ladies. They all loved her!

Lady Jami McCain Church on the Hill
Keisha Howard, M. Ed

Rachel was awesome! She told stories that were very relatable and that engaged the entire audience so much so that many attendees even took notes! She has a very warm spirit and personality which makes her approachable and real. She delivered a talk that was timely and powerful. The attendees gave some really positive feedback afterwards and said that Rachel truly inspired them! I’m very glad that I asked her to speak because she was a perfect fit for our group. I plan on having her back soon!

Keisha Howard, M. Ed PEARL Girls Inc.
Dr. Kimberly Ellison

Rachel was practical and she instantly connected with the ladies in attendance. Her style of delivery engaged participants and were thought provoking. She shared the story of Martha and Mary in such as way that women were able to see themselves as one of the biblical women. Participants walked away with strategies to apply in their daily walk.Many women were moved to action and even to tears as Rachel directed the group to take a deeper look into their personal lives and not only discover distractions but defeat them! Women are still talking about the impact she made on them. Rachel wears the fragrance of the anointing that commands immediate connection!

Dr. Kimberly Ellison Corporate Jewels
Ariel Hall

Rachel did an excellent job on our panel speaking to the singles in the audience. The things that she shared were not only applicable to singleness but related to living a life pleasing to God in general, as well. Rachel had a lasting effect on the audience. The wisdom that she spoke was very well received and memorable. Rachel immediately connected with the audience and spoke to us not at us. She was very conversational in her speech. Overall, Rachel is an eloquent speaker and presents her thoughts with grace, class, and anointing from the Holy Spirit. She did a spectacular job and was an excellent addition to our panel!

Ariel Hall Pinky Promise - Texas Woman's University Chapter
Lady Tracie McKinney-Garrett

Rachel’s message was very impactful and it helped the women and young girls to understand that prayer is extremely important but most of all it helped them understand that God has a plan for their life. Rachel has the ability to connect with others. She has the gift to discern the needs of others which allows her to connect well with them. I personally along with so many other comments from the women, was encouraged motivated and empowered by her being there. Her presence as well as her presentation comes together and she’s an awesome anointed dynamic powerful woman of God. I look forward to hearing more from her ministry!

Lady Tracie McKinney-Garrett Hope for Mothers and Daughters
Jabari Johnson

Rachel was AWESOME! Her message was very effective on our campers and our organization as it pertained to the life skills we teach in our program. Her talk on setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals lined up well with our mission. Our audience ranges from 5-13 years of age and she was able to capture their attention with no problem. Her topic was age appropriate and all of our campers went away remembering her topic that informed them on how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Rachel was well prepared. She was able to reach a reluctant camper and get them involved through her fun and interesting team building exercise. Our organization is so grateful that Rachel took the time out of her day to be part of our annual basketball camp. We look forward to her coming again next year!

Jabari Johnson Founder/CEO of the Heads Up! Foundation - www.theheadsupfoundation.org
Dr. Kristen Guillory

My team and I are so thankful for Rachel sharing at our Fabulous Female Expo as well as our quarterly Cozy Convos event. She always leaves her audience with things that can be applied immediately to help them live their best life! Rachel has the unique ability to be able to engage a 12 year old young lady as well be able to present valuable information in her presentation that can captivate their parent as well. I even received feedback from student group leaders at our “Fabulous Female Expo” who said ‘although the presentation was designed for attendees 18 years of age and under, they received lots of take aways they could use.’ Rachel is able to captivate the audience with her style and also keep their attention with giving practical tips. Not only did they get to see a successful humble woman but they received some guidance for their journey as students.

Dr. Kristen Guillory Founder of Fabulous Female Expo/Cozy Convos - www.KristenGuillory.com
First Lady LaKitsha Lee

Rachel is very well versed in the scriptures and she was able to use real life experiences ad illustrations within her message. She ministered under the anointing and her message was well received. She has the power to connect and bond with others. She ministers at the level of her audience and captivates you from beginning to end. Many members testified and acknowledged the powerful effects of the message. I myself, personally am still hanging on to the message and it truly boosted my faith and trust in God! Overall it was a success and I do plan on having her back at my church again!

First Lady LaKitsha Lee Holy Temple C.O.G.I.C.
Sonya Cameron

Rachel structured her presentation in a way to maximize the audience of young peoples attention. Her powerful presentation skills were in full effect and through that she retained their attention throughout her message. She remained on point and even when she had to get students to refocus she did so with graceful authority. Because she encouraged the students to talk and truly be a part of the presentation, she empowered them by giving them a “voice” that is often not heard. Her message was positive and her ability to sound interesting and not monotone really enabled her to capture the audience. They were able to learn from her story and her journey to success. Rachel gave them information that will help them to obtain their goals, make good decisions and to stay focused. She was energized, spontaneous and she allowed her personality to shine. She was truly engaged and listened to the student’s comments and answered their questions. Rachel connected with them prior to starting her presentation and remained connected afterwards by addressing the students individually and taking pictures with the them, which they truly enjoyed. The students invited Rachel to come back which is an enormous gesture on their part because they don’t often ask speakers to come back! Rachel left an indelible mark on our students and we can’t wait to have her back!

Sonya Cameron Dallas Independent School District
Marguritte Johnson

Rachel Proctor is an absolute phenomenon and a force to be reckoned with! Her message is captivating, engaging & motivating. She has that “It” factor to draw her audience in and keep us locked into her presentation.

At our Sisterhood Brunch event Rachel spoke to us about how to avoid making emotional decisions. Rachel presented not only biblical truths, but also personal perspectives on the results and dangers of being emotionally imbalanced. She provided practical strategies for us to apply to our lives to ensure that we can control our emotions instead of our emotions controlling us! Rachel was exceptional, transparent & gracefully “on point”!

Rachel’s presence is simply like a magnet! People are automatically drawn to her. Not just because of her natural beauty, but because she simply has a natural ability to command the attention of her audience. Her spirit is beautiful both inside & out!

Marguritte Johnson Founder - Godly Girlfriend Movement

Rachel has been the featured speaker for:

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Awards Rachel has recieved:

  • Dallas Business Journal 40 Under 40 - Class of 2016
  • Lancaster Chamber of Commerce - 2014 Top 40 Under 40 Leadership Award
  • Elite News 'Mabel Chandler Distinguished' Award for outstanding service in the community and business
  • South Dallas Business & Professional Women's Club Ombudswoman Award for contributions to youth
  • DeSoto High School Alumni 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Focus News 2015 Readers Choice Awards - "Best Elected Official"
  • Old Chisholm Trail Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution Award for Community Service
  • Steed Society's Female Success Factor Award - Top 25 Women of Dallas, TX
  • Completion of the Dallas District Attorney's Citizens Prosecutors Academy