What Do You Do When Life Throws You a Curve…?

Economic Downturn.

Cancer Diagnosis.

Job Layoff.


What do all these things have in common?  Well, at any given moment they can occur without warning!  And more often, you have zero control over their occurrence! 

  • What do you do when life throws something your way that you just didn’t see coming?
  • How do you adjust?
  • How do you survive and maintain your sanity in the process?

Back when I was a teenager learning how to drive, I can recall one specific day I went to practice with my mother.  We always went to a nearby industrial park on Saturday afternoon’s when all of the warehouses were closed and there was little to no traffic there.  This lessened the chances of me having an encounter with another vehicle during my learning process. There was a particular stretch of road in that industrial park that had several twists and turns.  If you didn’t drive with caution, there was a big possibility of losing control of your vehicle!

The first few times I practiced, my mom advised me to avoid this area all together.  But after I had been practicing for a few weeks, one afternoon she suggested that I go for it!  However, before I drove into the area, she gave me some advice that stuck with me.  As we approached the curve, she said – slow down before the curve,  maintain a constant speed throughout the curve and then accelerate coming out of the curve. So WHEN, not IF, life throws you a curve take this simple advice from my mom into consideration:

  • Slow down before the curve

Take time to process what is happening.  It is critical that we put the brakes on to assess our situation before we begin to act.  Stop, pray, then make an intentional move to give the situation to God.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Matt. 11:28-30 NIV

Traumatic situations can be very emotional.  It’s these emotions that often cloud our judgment and prevent us from making rational decisions.  God desires to help us through our trials more than we know.  Ask Him for the strength to release it into His hands!

  • Maintain a constant speed throughout the curve

Pace yourself.  Burdens can either put you at a stand still or send you into overdrive!  Both result in a lose of patience.  That’s right!  I said the “P” word!  Patience is necessary if we are going to make it through periods of intense suffering. Without patience to endure we will miss what God is trying to reveal to us.  So pace yourself, stay consistent though prayer and find a sense of balance by spending time with God.

“Endure suffering along with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”  2 Tim. 2:3 NLT

  • Accelerate coming out of the curve.

The curve may slow you down, but it doesn’t have to stop you – Keep Going!  Change how you look at your hardships.  You may have lost something that you thought you couldn’t live without during your test.  But always remember, God wont take something out of your life without replacing it with something BETTER!  If you just make the choice to go on through the curve, God will give you strength you didn’t even know you had!  He will give you wisdom and ideas to help sustain you!

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”  James 1:2-4 NKJV

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.”  ~Unknown

Question:  How can you help others maneuver through curves they encounter on the road to their destiny?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Joe Nathan & Valarie Renee Tuggle

    All praises to God! I feel what you are saying about numerous of your readings. It is by the grace of God. It is a sincere desire of the heart for a person that willing to make a sacrifice to give their lives to Christ. We have to want and need to be reach out for help. This journey we are on it is a serious task and most of all it is like our daily needs and wants in life. We must learn to put Christ 1st in our lives. It is like my wife and I. I was on the street called,”Stranger,” when I met my wife. It was a lot of curves and bumps in the road. There are still curves and bumps today. We know it is just a test God is taking us through. The test is from man also pretending to be doing Gods work and not Gods business. There is a scripture about beware of those who dress up in sheep clothing. I do believe the Bible is telling us about those who pretend to be of Christ and not. It is a lot of people in the world and of the world also. We are born in sin and shaped in iniquity. The only way we can dodge or get through this sin cursed world is our faith and belief in Jesus. We have to accept Jesus as our Saviour. I have and so have my wife I can say. It is a daily thing we rehearse Christianity. We get weak some times and we need to get nourishment for our souls as or body. We can get it through God. A person must maintain the right relationship and be grounded,in the Lord regardless of what. Some people have “Good Intention” about Christ they are not sure. God want us to be firm and not wavy like the curve sign or an ocean. If by chance we get this way we must hold on to our faith in Jesus. We must keep praying and talking to God. “God has not made no man an Island!” We are not in this world alone and it is a lot of people God put in earth to go to for help. It is like your issue you had about digging for gold. The man and son gave up their equipment they purchase to dig for gold to a junk dealer. I was telling my god sent daughter Angela Renee Franklin Duncan,your friend. You must be careful for what you throw away. I don’t know how Angela found me or what method she use to consider me as her dad. I have no objection toward her sincerity with God. Angela is a beautiful person inside and she get confused about her outer appearance. She came to me told me God sent her to me. I said, okay! My wife was so reluctant and confused because she didn’tknow if Angela was trying to find herself a man or what. I know Angela had this complex issue about her size and how she looked, before she gain weight. I know how women feel about looking nice and feeling attractive. Angela was so downtrodden abot her weight and her statue as for height. I told her baby this is nothing to do with how God see you. God made all of us! You don’t have to be a star to be in my show. I will accept you as you are Angela. We spend nights and days talking on the telephone late night trying to get to know each others. Angela finally met her a friend Brian. She told me she met him on the telephone or whatever. I told her she has a peculiar way of meeting people. I have accepted Angela and my wife as part of our family. Angela wanted, more than that after her promise to my wife and I that she would take care of me. I was reluctant abot that also. I never doubt Angela. I just listen to her because I don’t know who God has placed in my life and Angela has pretty good insight. We was trying to bond with Angela but Angela seems to take it personal on some basis in some ways of speaking. We love Angela my wife and I. We found out she can talk! I told her she should have been an attorney or something. She wants to be a teacher so bad in public school. She told me that she would help me then and take care of me. Angela called, one night and my wife and her talked. Angela asked, my wife what do want? She told my wife to go to bed. I thought they was playing like she always do with my wife. She just went off on my wife and I stepped in told her she don’t have to talk to her that way. I thought they was playing. She always tell my wife to go to bed before she got pregnant. It was just this moment she just said she wasn’t playing. I need to talk to her she is going off my wife. I was lying there listening to my wife and she never said anything out of the way to Angela. My wife and I grew to love her in spite of me being up all those years trying to be a dad to her and let her know God love her. Angela mention to me her mom likes me and my wife know these things and tell me to be careful with Angela. We just lift her up in prayer. I am slowly but surely trying to let go and let God have Angela like she want me to. It will be over after awhile. I do believe she want her freedom from us. We don’t owe her anything nor she owe us. Angela found us! We don’t know how she did it. Angela was so sure she was my daughter. Angeal had gone as far as we look alike. I don’t know what she want and a closed mouth never get fed. Angela don’t talk to me we can’t help her nor can anyone else. I never promised Angela a rose garden. I do believe Angela is might be going around telling people a different story to make herself look good in life. We all have isses about something in life. It is no one perfect! It is like Angela had a certain plan and it backfired. It is easy to make a smoke screen and have a one sided affair with your friends. It is easy for to get your friends to believe in your conversation because you are friends. It is kust like I can get people to on my side here in Memphis to believe something I say about Angela. Angela is loving person and I am not trying to throw salt on my daughter. If she still want to be what God sent her to do. It is our way or the highway with her. My wife never said anything out of the way to ANgela. She has grown to love Angela. Angela want more seems like it. We have never met each others just on webcam. Angela knew we don’t have money and she came to me with this issue. You know this is startling to us. How do she know this and who have she been talking too. Maybe you can bring good things to life in Angela. It is said, that most of us as black men get the shaft,and end up dead or in prison about something someone else has said,or because they can’t have their way. I know how Angela want to be in the elite crowd of looks earthly. It is her spiritually looks that count with God and suppose to be with man. Angela has separate herself from us because she want to prove my wife is wrong and I am wrong. She wants to be right she is so holy and that she can’t never be wrong. Tell her God, Valarie and Joe still love her in spite of all. We might not have a mansion, we have a home, we might not be a movie star to be in God show.We are somebody in the sight of God. We don’t have the money to send for her or help her. You have some people say they are going to do this and things turns. We just go on. We never promised, Angela a rose garden. We don’t own a cattle of a thousand hills. We know who do! Angela is to busy trying to be like someone else instead of be like Christ. This was her claim when she met us! We just have to pray,slow down and keep going when we see a curve. We have to proceed with caution. We don’t stop living because we run into a curve in the road. If it don’t fit don’t force it. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make them drink. Not everyday a bright an sunny day!
    Thank you for allowing me to post a comment!
    Joe / Valarie