What’s Stopping You…?

The miracles that Jesus performed in the book of Matthew chapter 14 have come to be two of my most favorite passages of scripture to read up to this point.  In this chapter Jesus fed 5000 men not counting women and children.  And after feeding the 5000, Jesus sends his disciples ahead of him in a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee.  Later into the night, the disciples are faced with a storm. Jesus comes to them, walking on the water. This terrifies the disciples and they think they are seeing a ghost.  Jesus tells them in verse 27, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

Peter replies, “Lord, if it’s you, bid me to come to you on the water.”  So Jesus tells Peter to come. Peter steps out of the boat and begins walking on the water toward Jesus. But then something happens.  Peter takes his eyes off Jesus and begins to look at the wind and waves, and he begins to sink. Peter cries out to the Lord and Jesus immediately reaches out his hand and catches Peter.  As they return to the boat together, the storm ceases.  After meditating on this example of Peter walking on the water, I began to ponder over some key points that I pulled from this scripture.

Did Peter begin to sink because he couldn’t actually walk on the water?  I would have to say NO because he did walk on the water a short while.Did he begin to sink because he didn’t try?  I would also have to say no to this too because he at least made the effort to begin to walk on the water.

Peter began to sink because even after he began to walk on the water, he became distracted by the winds and the waves that were blowing all around him and because of that, he began to doubt what he could accomplish even though Christ had already commanded him to come.

Like Peter, many of us become distracted by “winds” in our lives.  Failed relationships, delays, betrayal, rejection, denial, road blocks and cancelled plans all have one thing in common.  They can all cause you to want to give up in the middle of the journey and in turn we start to “sink”.  How often do we start a project and it could be that we hit a stumbling block or lose track of time and get close to a dead line when we still have a ton of work left to do and we begin to doubt our abilities to finish the task?  So instead of pushing past those feelings of doubt and insecurities, we just give up.  If you are facing some challenges in your life right now and you chose to give up today, ask yourself what would be the REAL cause of you quitting??

We must always remember that in whatever area God calls us to complete a task in, He will give us the grace to complete it.  You may be like Peter and you started out believing that you could “walk on water” but in the midst of the journey you took your eyes off Christ and started to focus on the winds and waves around you.  Or it could be that you are just tired and you are finding yourself growing weary of the task that has been set before you?  Just remember that God has already given you the skills, gifts, knowledge and resources you need to be able to make it through whatever winds and storms come your way.  Keep the faith and trust God that He will see you through to the end.

If I could make one suggestion before I finish this post, it would be for you to hang in there, DON’T QUIT!!  God has given each of us the ability to “walk on water” and accomplish great things.  Don’t get distracted by winds around you. There is NOTHING that can keep you down unless YOU refuse to get back up!

QUESTION: What “winds” are stopping you from “walking on water” in your journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Cheryl Adams

    Good morning, Rachel – I felt prompted to share with you how God used this story of Peter’s walking & sinking & rescue in my life to make a point with me shortly after my husband’s death, many years ago now.
    I had cried out to my Lord because I felt overwhelmed by the “waves of grief that were drowning me” at that moment – those were the words I used in my heart’s cry to Him. Swiftly, He reminded me of this story of Peter………..though I realized immediately that He was showing me that I was Peter and that He had never moved away from Peter, but was right there to lift him out of the waves as soon as Peter called for help………that was not the point that Jesus made to me that day – instead it was this: He showed me that He rescued Peter from the waves that were drowning him, and that THEY DID NOT SWIM BACK TO THE BOAT!! – THEY WALKED!!! He assured me then that He would rescue me from my grief, and we would walk on the waves together, facing any storm that came. 🙂 ………..and He has proven Himself and His promise to be true.

    • Rachel Proctor

      Wow Cheryl! Thank you for sharing that powerful revelation! It always amazes me as to how God’s word never changes and yet He will differentiate it to give His children what they need for where they are in their journey. And though the picture may look different for each of us, it is still relevant and timely for where we are. Thank you! I am inspired and encouraged by your story and you know I am always praying for you!