What’s the Point in Praying?

“What’s the point in praying about it anyway?”

I remember asking myself that question some years ago. And I think the reason why that particular memory has stuck with me for so long is I can actually recall the emotions I felt behind that question.

I really wanted the answer…

I was a period of my life in which I had really just started growing in Christ and gaining a true sense of who God was…and who He wasn’t. And anyone who knows me well knows that I’m an insatiable reader. At that time, I had just finished reading a book that talked about the character of God. I learned that God was omniscient and I figured since He was omniscient or “all knowing”, He didn’t need little old me to inform Him of the things that were going on in my life.

While on the surface, this statement is true; the fundamental TRUTH of the matter isn’t that black and white! I had reduced God down to a basic being that couldn’t be touched, felt or connected with.

What I had to realize was that God is not caught off guard or taken by surprise concerning the issues of our life. He is not hearing about our problems for the first time when we pray them. He knows every detail and He cares about the smallest things in our life.

So if that’s the case – why DO we pray about our issues and problems if God already knows them?

Stick with me for a few more minutes and I will briefly share my revelation of this with you!

We must take the follow things into consideration:

We don’t pray to God to INFORM Him.
We don’t pray to God to IMPRESS Him.
We pray to God to INVITE Him!

When we pray we invite God into our lives for fellowship with Him, to grow in His grace and to develop dependency on Him. Its essential to our to development if we will ever become mature Christians. Prayer extends us the opportunity and the privilege to work with God to manifest things in our life! If God did everything for us and we never put any skin in the game (like praying, fasting and changing ways that don’t please Him), eventually we would start to take our blessings for granted.

There have been so many times that I have prayed a prayer and nothing happened. I prayed again after that and still got nothing. In that critical moment discouragement tried to rear its ugly head and tell me “Its not working so what’s the point?” 

Listen, defeating discouragement means that you have to remind yourself of what’s at stake. The implications and results of your obedience (or disobedience) extend far beyond just yourself! It’s less about you than you realize. You must choose to believe what God says even when you can’t feel or hear Him.

We have to keep praying when it seems hardest to pray! Because when it seems like God isn’t giving you an answer it isn’t necessarily an indication that you are not doing the will of God. Actually its quite the opposite!

Remember: the enemy only fights those who pose a threat!

So keeping that in mind, I used that as fuel and persisted in prayer again. And that time I asked God to search my heart to see if there were any hindrances there that were blocking my answer. Many times there was. And although I was challenged to remove the things that were putting a wedge in my fellowship with God, I grew in faith and character as a result! I learned how to persevere in prayer and not give up until I got an answer. My faith was increased. My patience was developed. I learned what it truly means to endure at any cost.

So the next time you find yourself saying, “what’s the use in praying about {INSERT ISSUE HERE}” – challenge yourself to go deeper! Invite God into your prayer time. It’s in those moments that your relationship with Him will be strengthened.

I plan on going deeper on this topic over the next few weeks so stay tuned! But until then tell me what prayer means to you? Share your thoughts with me in comments below!

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  • HB

    I struggled with understanding prayer for the same reason as you Rachel. This was during a time that I was still trying to see if I was sold on this whole Christianity “movement.” I no longer wanted to associate myself with a belief system if I didn’t wholeheartedly agree and almost everything about Christianity made sense except for prayer. Prayer seemed unnecessary if God REALLY was omnipresent and omniscient. If he sees all and knows all, what’s the point?
    One night after this social event that a collegiate ministry (Navigators) hosted, one of the staff members named Ken greeted me and asked me if I needed any help or had any questions to feel welcome to ask them there (see I wasn’t a regular member. I was just coming to their events at random). So I asked him the question because it had been really bugging me. “Okay I have one that I’ve been thinking a lot about. I just haven’t gotten any answers that I’m satisfied with so maybe you could tell me something different and better. What’s the point of prayer?” He thought about it and then asked if it was okay if we sat down. Well of course. Then he began to set up a fictional scene:

    There was a house and a front yard with kids playing. It was snowing and the kids were just having a blast with the flurries and the snow that already met the ground. Inside the house there was a father looking through one window to see his son, one of the kids outside, making snow angels and a snowman and just delighting in the surprise gift of snow. *See this was the first time it had snowed in this town. After some time, the kids parted ways. And the boy ran inside the house. With an excitement that could barely be contained, he told his father all of his adventures in the snow, making figures in the snow and making Frosty the snowman lol (I’m embellishing this a little more than Ken lol). His father is just listening and listening, and taking in all his son is telling him. His facial expressions are ranging from surprise to happy to shock as if this was all new to him, as if he wasn’t watching his son the whole time he was outside. His father saw it all, knew everything his son uttered but he wanted a relationship with his son. He delighted in his son going to him and telling him everything! He COULD have told his son I know! I know! I saw you. No need to take me through what happened because I already saw everything with my own eyes. But this father instead responded with love. He pretty much said without saying it, I love you son and I would love to spend any amount of time with you just hearing from you.

    You can read about an experience, but there’s a different ring to that experience when you hear your loved one share his/her personal experience one with you. You feel a sense of closeness or you two are in progress of building a good relationship or you two are strengthening an already secure relationship. That’s exactly what prayer is-a telling/sharing of thoughts, feelings, and/or a personal experience with a greater intended purpose for both the storyteller and the listener. Although I sometimes struggle with prayer for different reasons, I can truly say that I understand it’s purpose and importance from that conversation with Ken. God doesn’t have business associates. He has children! He has a kingdom! He is my Father and I am His daughter, a piece of His heart like you all are! God loves you like crazy! (Stole this closing remark from Heather Lindsey but there’s no better way to end this). Love you all!:)