My Best Year Ever: 12 Lessons to Help You Make This a Year to Remember

My Best Year Ever: 12 Lessons to Help You Make This a Year to Remember


Year after year you feel the inner tug to pursue your dream, but you have no idea where to start. You hear the voice inside your head calling you to be more, but fear constantly drowns it out. You tell yourself you’ll get around to it “someday”. You know you’re meant for something more and want to find the courage to pursue it but you have questions: What does the life of my dreams look like? Is it even possible for me to live beyond the life I’ve always known? Well, the lessons in My Best Year Ever will answer those questions and more and show you how to turn your “someday” into TODAY!

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In My Best Year Ever, Rachel L. Proctor, motivational speaker and productivity coach, draws on Biblical and practical wisdom to identify 12 key lessons to help you take full responsibility for where you are now and where you can go in the future. Applying each of the lessons along with the accompanying journal exercises will equip you with the necessary steps to change the trajectory of your entire year!


  • Identify your God ordained calling and set purposeful, attainable goals

  • Eliminate the debilitating mindset that's stopping you from fully launching out into your zone of greatness

  • Break detrimental cycles that have had you stuck year after year

  • Create an abundance mindset not only in terms of finances but also in terms of personal peace and freedom

  • Prevent overwhelm and create margin in your day to make room for the things that really matter

  • Identify and eliminate the draining and toxic relationships that create stress in your life

  • Face your truths with courage and gain the confidence to move forward after disappointments

  • Create time to pursue your passions while still fulfilling your other daily obligations and more!

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