3 Signs Your Dream is Being Attacked

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

I got the chance to spend the last few days in Atlanta, GA doing Kingdom work with some good friends of mine. It was one of the stops on the Christian women’s inspirational speaking tour I’ve had the honor of being a part of this year. We’re about 50% through the tour and overall it’s been amazing but I will also say that each city has had its own set of challenges. But one thing God has been showing us as a team through this undertaking is that when you set out to do something great for God – expect distractions and hindrances to come. It’s the enemies job to try and stop anything that builds the Kingdom. He only fights that which poses a threat to his schemes!

For example, as soon as I boarded the plane to head to Atlanta, I was immediately hit with a migraine. Shortly after I arrived in the city I found out that other members were suffering with different illnesses too. My headache even got so bad that my friend, who happens to be the visionary for the tour, suggested that I forgo my session the next day if I was in too much pain.

Now you know I wasn’t having that and here’s why:

We as human beings are made up of 3 distinct components: body, soul and spirit. And something that I’ve seen through observation and in my own life is that when you step out to do the thing you’ve been called to do, the enemy will fight you in those 3 areas.

First, he will attack your body. (Job 2:4-7)

He will send sickness or pain to try and prevent you from being able to actually physically carry out the work that God set before you. Don’t be surprised if unexpected ailments come out of no where the moment you make up your mind to finally act on your dream.

He will attack your passion. (Job 3)

It takes energy mentally to push a dream out. He will attack your emotions, send depression and make you feel like what God told you to do isn’t worth the effort. He will make you feel life isn’t even worth the effort if you’re not careful. He will tell you “who are YOU to think you can do that anyway?”. But remember: our feelings aren’t facts. Never allow how you “feel” to be an indicator of how blessed you really are.

He will use other people (especially people close to you that you love and respect) to say things at the right moment to discourage your spirit and cause you to lose heart. (Job 2:9-10)

He uses those people around you to make you start questioning whether God is really with you. Did God really say do this? If God called me why is it taking so long? But again, if those people are coming to you with anything that goes against what God says about you then you already know who sent them! Let me tell you this, the enemy will use anybody that will allow him to get you off focus from what you are supposed to be doing.

If you can relate to anything I just said, it’s a good chance that a breakthrough is on the horizon for you. It’s a good sign that you are headed in the right direction.

I knew that what I was experiencing was just a test to see if I would give up on what I knew I was called to do in Atlanta. The enemy knew there was something I needed to deliver and he did all he could to try and stop it but but it didn’t work. The message God gave me went forth and women were blessed and empowered as a result of the entire team coming together to fight back against the attack of the enemy!

Push through what you feel like today and disconnect from negative people. Don’t stop moving forward this week. Don’t lose heart. When you walk in your authority the enemy loses his and he knows this. Your unwavering faith will yield something out of this world – I know it! Protect your dream at all costs.

x – Rachel

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Rachel Proctor