10 Ways to Restore Your Motivation

When I got home last night, I went into my (semi) typical night routine after each city council meeting: Grab a bite to eat, come home and kick my shoes across the room ;), post my “gnight folks” Instagram post and I rewrite my 4th quarter goals, which I do twice a day now (morning and eve).

I think about the day and assess what I felt went well and ponder on what I need to try again tomorrow. I’m in a serious season of building with my property management company, my brand, the mentorship group and a new book project thats coming down the pipeline among other things. This has definitely been a season of stretching but I’m thankful for every opportunity to use my gifts to serve others!

Although the growth has been good there are times when staying motivated is challenging especially when things don’t come together like you want them to. So last night I wrote some things down that spoke to me first when I struggle to stay motivated and I want to share them with you too. I narrowed it down to 10 because if you know me, you know it was about 50 things but I saved some for later lol

Here goes….

1. Find the thing that makes you feel alive! Discover your calling. When you work towards a vision bigger than yourself, it will pull you forward. It produces natural energy – no kidding!
2. Stop waiting for permission. Sometimes you’ll never get their blessing and that’s okay. It’s not always that they’re not happy for you. Sometimes your ambition reminds them of how they settled in life.
3. Take care of yourself. Drink water throughout the day and be cognizant of what foods you put in your body. You only get one body, take care of it.
4. Take mental breaks during the day and don’t over think it. It will happen. Allow your brain to recharge. Take a power nap if you can.
5. Ask God for direction constantly. He promised to order your steps so take Him up on His offer.
6. Act as if you’re already there.
7. Stop when you’re finished, not when you’re frustrated. Feelings are feelings – not facts. Keep working until your feelings change. You’ll thank yourself later.
8. A bad attitude can cut off blessings faster than anything I’ve ever seen! You have enough things working against you. Don’t let you be the reason you don’t succeed.
9. Don’t isolate yourself all day. We are relational creatures. Share time with positive people. Laugh and build new friendships.
10. Connect with people who force you to believe and level up – not doubt. Who you connect with in this season means everything, just ask Samson.

x – Rachel

Rachel Proctor